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    How to share files in a network?



      How to share files in a network?


      FileMaker Server



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      Mac OS X 10.6.8

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      I want to share files in a local network of 3 machines. I am using two-machine deployment. One machine acts as the master for the database server, and the other machine as the worker for the web server, the web publishing engine, and web server module. The third machine is also a worker/client.

      I have also install a FileMaker Pro on all 3 machines. Now I want be able to share the files and make it available to the clients/workers so they can edit the data using it simultaneously. I am not sure how to do that. I have tried uploading the databases using the Upload Database Assistant so I can have it on the server, thus then available to the clients/workers. I have also tried enabling file sharing, in sharing of system preferences of the computers. However doing it this way I am unable to have a file open at the same time for both clients/workers.

      How can I share a file through the database and have it open to the clients/workers at the same time so they can edit the data while the file is open on two or more machines(clients/workers)?

      Also, how do I open a file/database using the FileMaker Server?

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          I have never created a database before so I am having trouble creating it. 

          One more question I have is, how can I create or connect a client in the Filemaker Server?

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            Areli Lopez:

            Thank you for your posts.

            FileMaker Server cannot create database files; only FileMaker Pro/Advanced can create database files.  FileMaker Server only hosts FileMaker Pro files.  Users of FileMaker Pro can then access the files via "Open Remote".

            Before placing the file in FileMaker Server, open the file in FileMaker Pro, pull down the File menu and select Sharing -> FileMaker Network.  Turn on Network Sharing, select the file, and set Network access to the file for All users.  Close the file, and copy the file into the Databases folder of FileMaker Server.

            Launch the Admin Console for FileMaker Server, click the Databases tab, seelect the file and open it.

            All of this is covered in the Getting Started Guide that came with FileMaker Server, or you can also review it online at:


            FileMaker, Inc.