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How to update global variables on a chart

Question asked by user17265 on Jun 18, 2012
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How to update global variables on a chart


FileMaker Pro



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Window 7, Mac OX10.6

Description of the issue

I'm trying to use a global variables, e.g. $$Max, to set the max limit for a line chart.  I calculate $$Max in a script the performs a Find for the data I want to plot, and then I want to be able to change $$Max once the records are found and plotted. I have entered $$Max in the text box beside Set Maximum, and it works when the script runs, but it does not update when $$Max is changed, unless I go into layout mode using actual data.  On returning to browse mode $$Max returns to the value calculated when the original script was run, despite its changed value (as can be verified in the Data Viewer).  I'm printing $$Max in the title so I can see its value.  Toggling back and forth between browse mode and layout mode toggles the value displayed for $$Max.  Very mysterious!