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HP P1055dn does not print lines in reports

Question asked by Yolking2Gether on Apr 14, 2009
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HP P1055dn does not print lines in reports

Description of the issue

I am having problems printing lines in FMPro10 with my brand new HP P1055dn printer but my colleague's copy of FMPro10 prints just fine (my copy is an online upgraded copy of v. 9 while the other is a "new" copy that came out of a v. 10 box). Everything printed fine from the datebase using our old networked HP1200 series printer but now using its replacement I cannot print any FMPro 10 reports which contain any form of line from my computer--the printer crashes, printing the report:PCL XL error          Subsystem: KERNEL          Error:     IllegalTag          Operator:  PassThrough          Position:  ##(Where "##" is a two or three-digit number, varying from form to form.)