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    HSB Sliders Broken - Numbers are WRONG



      HSB Sliders Broken - Numbers are WRONG


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Mac OSX 10.9.3

      Description of the issue

      Whenever I want to use the HSB color sliders, whatever brightness I enter in, it changes to a different number entirely when using solid colors.  For some strange reason Gradients do not have this problem at all, unless it just means you patched it in the gradients but forgot the solid colors.

      I can enter a Hue of 0, Saturation of 0, and a Brightness of 20 it appears to take it, but it's noticeably darker than what I would expect 20 to look like.  If I select the object again and go back to the color selector, it's a HSB of 0,0,15 which is of course NOT what I entered. 

      It doesn't make any sense at all and it's very annoying to work with.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Place a square on a layout. 

      Change the solid background color of the square using HSB values or varying numbers.

      Un-select the square

      Select the square again and check the HSB numbers.  The numbers should have changed.

      Expected result

      The numbers that I enter are the numbers they should be.

      Actual result

      If I enter the following Brightness numbers, I get the following results:

      90 > 88
      80 > 76
      70 > 64
      60 > 53
      50 > 42
      40 > 33
      30 > 23
      20 > 15
      10 > 8

      The Saturation bar does the same thing, only with different number results. 

      90 > 93
      80 > 81
      70 > 68
      60 > 55
      50 > 42
      40 > 29
      30 > 19
      20 > 12
      10 > 6


      I just keep guessing at what number I have to make it to get the result I want.  Wastes a lot of my time.


      Make everything everywhere a gradient and loose performance but reduce dev time.

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               Peter Jefferys:

               Thank you for your post.

               Our Development and Testing departments are already aware of this issue, as it also occurs in other applications (e.g., Apple Mail).  Our Development team is working with Apple to resolve the issue.

               Another person on the FileMaker forum has also encountered this issue, and you can view the details at:

          Containers change the color of objects pasted into them

               I have also attached your post to the original report.  When more information becomes available, I will let you know.

               FileMaker, Inc.