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HTTP error 401 using PHP API after FM Server upgrade to v13

Question asked by DaveWasmuth on Aug 25, 2014
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HTTP error 401 using PHP API after FM Server upgrade to v13


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

Windows 2008 Enterprise Edition SP1r2

Description of the issue

We have some automated scripts on Linux that import data to and export data from a FileMaker Server hosted database (UserID) using the PHP API.  We recently upgraded the FileMaker Server from version 11 to 13.  The PHP API interface now receives the following when trying to connect to the FileMaker file UserID:

Communication Error: (22) The requested URL returned error: 401 - This can be due to an invalid username or password, or if the FMPHP privilege is not enabled for that user.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Used a test PHP script that uses the PHP API to instantiate a connection to the FM Server and UserID database that calls the listDatabases() method on the server and the listLayouts() method on the database file.

Tried with existing accounts, newly created accounts and various combinations of the extended privileges and user/password (no password, no space in the user name, guest user, etc.), using the UserID database and the FMServer_Sample database. 

BTW, our server only allows connections via HTTPS.

Expected result

Able to execute the listLayouts() method on the database with the correct user/password combination and the fmphp privilege for that user.

Actual result

Finally got listLayouts() to work on the sample database using the guest user.  Great.  Went back to UserID and tried the guest user, which also worked.  Went back to sample database, created a new user that wasn't anonymous (guest) and disabled guest, then tried the listLayouts() test script on the sample database with the correct user/password combination and the fmphp privilege.  Again with the 401, so it seems to be all databases, not the account configuration on UserID.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

see above for error text.  Here is what we see in the log:

2014-08-22 17:07:55 -0700     -     -     ERROR     HTTP:401     0     "/fmi/xml/fmresultset.xml?-db=UserID&-layoutnames"

Configuration information

Is there any more detailed configuration for the FileMaker server or webserver, aside from the enabling of Custom Web Publishing flavors in Admin Console that might come into play here?


Have to do manual imports and exports, which is error prone, or give an anonymous login write access to the database.