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Huge Empty FM Server 14 stderr Log File

Question asked by JohnDuncan on Jul 21, 2015
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Huge Empty FM Server 14 stderr Log File


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

OS X 10.10.3

Description of the issue

The main HD with FileMaker Server installed on it was out of space due to extremely large /Library/FileMaker Server/Logs/stderr file over 200 GB.  FM Server was stuck and could not shut down so I had to force quit FMS and all FM tasks.  Before I cleared the stderr file I did a "tail" and all the lines that I could find were blank.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Unknown.  The FMS 14 had been running for about a month

Expected result

stderr should not fill up with blank lines

Actual result

it was full of blank lines

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

All errors that appeared were related to out-of-disk and not the stderr itself

Configuration information

Mac Mini Core i5 with 256 GB SSD boot drive and backups on external volume.  Databases about 16 GB total with container storage.


After forcing everything out I realized that I could clear the log file without stopping everything by doing:

cd /Library/FileMaker Server/Logs
sudo cp /dev/null stderr