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Huge oversight on FM12 tab panel implementation

Question asked by content on Apr 19, 2012
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Huge oversight on FM12 tab panel implementation


FileMaker Pro


FileMaker 12

Operating system version

Windows 7

Description of the issue

Today we discovered that in FM12 an empty overlay tab panel blocks tooltips from triggering on underlying display fields — as well as blocks us from using all the new button/field mouseover effects.

We rely heavily on overlay panels for special entry and to display user help.  They are used on over half of our layouts and greatly enhance the user experience.  We see no reason FMI couldn't have provided the same "see through" effect that has existed since FM8.  It is obviously an oversight, but this one is a showstopper for us.  Until it's fixed, we're stuck with FM11.

Solution alternatives:

Any overlay panel that is empty should be disregarded by the tooltip and hover processing.

Or, if FMI wants a specific indicator, the Object Visibility attribute (Sliding and Visibility) can be used.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Build a 2-tab panel where the first tab doesn't contain any display elements and has Fill Color set to NONE.  Put something on the 2nd tab (a graphic or block of text that can be displayed in an overlay fashion whenever the 2nd tab is clicked).

Place this panel over the top of the normal parts of a layout ... a portal, for example.

Expected result

In FM11, the tab panel #1 covers the underlying fields, but does not affect them in any way.  It is invisible.  Tooltips work.  Everything works and has worked for 5 years.

Actual result

In FM12, the invisible tab panel (#1) blocks the display of tooltips for underlying fields.  Plus, the mouse hover over those fields is not detected and, therefore, none of the new mouseover effects are available.

The underlying fields are clickable, as they have always been.  Only the hover actions are disabled.


There is no workaround.  We have tried dozens of combinations.  Our project is dead in the water.  We are reverting to FM11.