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í and ’ in a password will make a PDF unopenable. When the creation of A PDF is scripted and a...

Question asked by PaulBostwick on Feb 9, 2011
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í and ’ in a password will make a PDF unopenable. When the creation of A PDF is scripted and a field is called upon as the source of the password characters Like ' and í are permitted but will not work to open the file


FileMaker Pro


8.5 and up

Operating system version

Mac OS 10.6.4

Description of the issue

I have a script that generates a PDF from the found set of records and names it according to a calculation (It is a child's evaluation for school so their name is pulled from the record and appended to their id and the evaluation period) The file name is put into a variable at the start of the script and then called upon as a variable (local single $)
one of the options in the creation of a PDF is Security. I have put a "password required to open" and that password begins with the child's name. In the case of Sofía and A’nia and presumably Nik’te’ too... Interestingly if I write Sofía elsewhere and copy it and paste it into the password dialog box it works but you cannot type it. But this approach does not work for A’nia and it represents the entire password with her name in it as a single dot. So pasting A’nia.pkd.2111 would be represented in the hidden dot display as a single • This happens with both Adobe Reader and Apple's Preview Application.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Script a PDF creation. Specify in the options Security. Make the password the letter i with an acute accent ´  (typed with an option-e then i to get í) or somewhere type a curly single quote (the plain ones work fine) on the mac it is shift option right square bracket. These will make an unopenable PDF... very secure but not so useful.

Expected result

A password protected PDF file based on the Create PDF script step.

Actual result

A file that will not open when the specified characters are entered.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

"The password is incorrect. Please make sure that Caps Lock is not on by mistake, and try again."

Configuration information

I tried super stripped down single field single script file to test the problem and the situations that generate it.


in the case of the í you can copy and paste it in but that does not work for the curley (smart) single quote ’. In testing this and writing this up I built files in Adobe Acrobat Professional that had these dodgy passwords and the curley quote did not work but the acute i did... so it might be a problem in the PDF spec itself? I think the workaround is to convert the text to a smaller set (low aschii maybe?) Still working on it.