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    iCal used picks old date event



      iCal used picks old date event

      Description of the issue

      New user, 10.6.x...Bento 3  Difficulty installing, had d/l trial version but then bot Bento 3 from MacMall.  Reinstalled when would not acceept License Key. It does not work correctly when opened; iCal Events opens with 2 year old event from iCal.  Really don't know how to solve... mizzou3 

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             I suggest putting this post up in the Bento forum to get better responses. This is the Filemaker Bug form and your issue doesn't seem to have anything to do with Filemaker.
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            I didn't see your post on the Bento forum, so if you are still having difficulty, please let me know what occurs when you try to enter the License Key?  If the "Use License Key" button is not highlighted, then make sure you either entered the License Key correctly, or make sure you are using a Bento 3 License Key.  If you try to install with a Bento 2 License Key, it will not work.


            iCal Events should display all Events in your iCal Calendar for the previous two years until two years from now.



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