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Import from separate files does not work

Question asked by RichardG_1 on Jan 7, 2011
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Import from separate files does not work


FileMaker Pro


Advanced 11.0v2

Operating system version

Win 7 up to date

Description of the issue

In my order database file are tables Orders and OrderItems.
A separate file contains tables Invoices and InvoiceItems.

To build a new invoice via script, I Find the Order, and Find the child OrderItems. Then, from the Invoice file, I import from Orders into Invoices. Then from the layout for InvoiceItems I import from OrderItems. Each in separate sub-scripts.

The imported records are usually incorrect. Sometimes I get just the found set OK, but more often the entire set gets imported. With 100K Orders and 200K OrderItems, that not only dumps huge numbers of records into my Invoice file (screwing up all my auto-fill calcs), but it takes a few minutes to do it.

The import Adds records, and uses "Matching names" -- the field names are exact matches and don't change.

I've tried bringing the Source TO layout to the front, and making sure the script starts with the Destination TO layout selected.  I've yet to figure out when it works and when it doesn't (until it succeeds / fails).

I've spent maybe 12 hours trying different things, and checking the KB and Forums. This seems similar to other Import Found Set problems.  Is it?  Is there a workaround?


I'm about to try putting an Invoice portal into my Order file, with Allow creation, and then 'pushing' the records through the portal to create them in Invoice. Fingers crossed.