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    Import mapping bug



      Import mapping bug

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             Very annoying and I must say dangerous issue that has escaped FMI's list of fixes for years...
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               I agree.

            I can sympathize - to some extent - with the issues caused by changing the structure on the source side. After all, the source could be an external file, even a text file - and it may not be easy to assign some sort of ID to its fields.

            However, this does in no way apply to the target side, and I can see no excuse for Filemaker spontaneously enabling a target field for import.<!-- POLLS --><!-- FILES --><!-- SIGNATURE -->

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                Thank you for the posts.


                I can definitely duplicate the problem, and I have forwarded your posts and file (from FMForums) to our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments for confirmation.


                I definitely see the seriousness of this issue.



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                     Thank you TSGal... I really do hope that the Import issues are addressed. It really does lead to dangerous cirumstances...
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                    Hi TSGal,



                    I was wondering if any progress had been made on this issue yet. This happens to me about 95% of the time that I edit the fields in my data imports and it causes a hair-pulling level of frustration. I was also wondering if the fix will be applied to older versions of the software (Using FM Pro 7 here)



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                         IMHO, we would be extremely lucky to even get it in FM10. For the most part, FMI does not go back to older versions of their software and fix bugs. Considering that version 7 is no longer officially supported, you will not see an fix update for that version even if they do end up fixing it eventually.
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                        The problem has been confirmed, and no other information is available.


                        The reply from "mr_vodka" is correct.  That is, we only fix problems in the current version and not revisit previous versions.



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