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Import with Matching Field Names Doesn't Remember

Question asked by ssmithh on Feb 27, 2009
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Import with Matching Field Names Doesn't Remember

Description of the issue

My script imports a tab-delim file, set to no dialog, no file specified(so user has to select a file to import).  I'd set the import order bytemporarily specifying a sample file, with the first row set to befield names, setting it as matching fields (which is allowed and itworks).  I then unmark the filename specifier so the user will be askednext time.  Shouldn't my import order be saved?  When I run the scriptand specify the same exact text file, I get a message that there are nofields set in the import order.  Huh?  And when running the scriptagain (this time not hiding the dialog), I get to the import mappingscreen and 'matching fields' is grayed out. (FM9)