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Importing a .DAT file problems

Question asked by GaryIlcyn on Mar 28, 2012
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Importing a .DAT file problems


FileMaker Pro



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windows 7

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I have a website and I create a .dat file in Miva Merchant which is my shopping cart software. I download that file and import it into Filemaker and it creates a record for each individual order. This has been working flawlessly for a year. A few weeks ago after I imported the file into Filemaker it created 2 records for 1 order, the 2nd order was missing some of the information. This happens randomly we tried to see a pattern but cannot find one. It must be something in filemaker corrupting that .dat file. If I delete the orders and import the exact same .dat file a 2nd time it does not create that duplicate order. Some of the data on the duplicate order is missing and seems to have been pushed into other fields the first time, but again after I delete the orders and import the same file again it looks perfect. Any ideas of how to fix this problem?