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Importing a databse and renaming it causes issues

Question asked by FrankRueter on Dec 16, 2014
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Importing a databse and renaming it causes issues


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

OSX 10.9.5

Description of the issue

When I import a database table from another fmp12 file, then rename it before proceeding, I cannot use the layout that came through with it, even after re-linking the layout to the newly named database.
When in "Edit Layout" mode, I get "Unrelated Table" errors for all fields, and when double clicking the fields to re-link them, the old database name is still in the "Specify Field" list as an available database. When choosing the new database name there are no fields available to re-link to.
Even creating a new layout for the newly named table does not show any of it's fields, even though the "Manage/Database.../Fields" dialog shows all expected fields.

Steps to reproduce the problem

"File/Import Records/File...".

Chose an existing fmp12 file.

Chose the table you want to import, making sure to use "New Table" as the target.

"File/Manage/Database...", then rename the database

"File/Manage/Layout...", then re-link the layout to the newly named table

Call up the layout that came in with the table

Go to edit layout and try to re-link any of the fields.

Expected result

the layout should be re-linked to the table automatically after the table was renamed

Actual result

the layout is linked to a table with the old name (which no longer exists) and the fields cannot be linked to the newly named database

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information



don't rename the table