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Importing from Foxpro file

Question asked by jameshoty on Apr 9, 2013
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Importing from Foxpro file


FileMaker Pro


12 v.3

Operating system version

OS X v.10.8.3

Description of the issue


I am trying to convert my 20 years old customer who are using Foxpro database. While there are few challenges I encounter, the following issue puzzled me and want to know how to resolve it:

[Background] I manage to import Customer.DBF into one of the table in FICI.fmp12, next I import Stock.DBF and 74 records were not imported. The reason could be due to the date field, so I clean up the wrongly entered year, eg. instead of 1991, the user enter 991.

[Current Problem]
I proceed to import STOCKDET.DBF total of 62,871 records are reported in Foxpro. I use the same Import command but 90% of the imported records are corrupted. I can see the contents but they are "shifted". This files has only 4 fields, Stock Code, Description, Weight, Unit Cost. I use Excel to open STOCKDET.DBF directly without problem, save to .XLS and import to FICI.fmp12 using the .XLS without problem. All records can properly populated. Not sure why FileMaker Import result in "corrupted" records? The other peculiar issue is that Excel imported on 62,628 records, instead of 62,871 as indicated in Foxpro.

I understand that you may not be able to answer all the issues (Foxpro is beyond the scope here) but maybe I want to know why my import of stockdet.DBF fail?