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Importing Records Causes File Damage

Question asked by EData on Sep 19, 2011
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Importing Records Causes File Damage


FileMaker Pro



Description of the issue

A few weeks ago, my filemaker database crashed unexpectedly and my file was corrupted. It kept crashing when I tried to use it. I recovered the file, only to see a message telling me not to use the file going forward. So, I tried recovering older backups (I was using file recovery to test whether or not those older backups were corrupted) and received the same ominous message for every file going back to the very first versions of the database that I was working with. This particular database had been emailed to me by a coworker and that original version  was the only uncorrupted one.

So, I created a new file and imported my old records. The first time I performed file recovery on it to see if I got an error message, the file recovery finished with no problems. However, when I changed the layout and edited a few fields and ran file recovery again, it came up as corrupt.

Since then, I have worked on a new computer on which I had reinstalled filemaker and tried the same procedure again (new database + importing records + file recovery "test"), and the file is still coming up as corrupt.

Coworkers have tried to recover my files and have all received the same message. I am the only one using filemaker that has had these problems. I am confused as to the source of file corruption as well as how to get rid of it. I would rather not re-enter the data, since it would take me 30+ hours.