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In Themes like "River", "Slice" problem in Trailing Grand Summary

Question asked by tzf on Jul 22, 2012


In Themes like "River", "Slice" problem in Trailing Grand Summary


FileMaker Pro


12.0 and 12.0.2

Operating system version

Windows 7 and OSX 10.6

Description of the issue

I want to slightly customize a theme so that the Trailing Grand Summary looks like the Body. I'm using the "River" theme because it was default in the Starter Solution and because I like it. But I've tried others that have image-slice backgrounds, and they act the same.

I want my Trailing Grand Summary ("TGS") to have a continuous background ("BG") with the Body.

The "Indent" for the part of the image (riverbody.png) where fields, labels, etc. are to be placed is moved left and right by the Slice tool:

in the Body part, the minimum indent is about 0.25 inches, on both left and right margins.

On the Trailing Grand Summary part, the minimum indent is about 1 inch.

Either this is a bug in the Slice tool, or maybe the CSS files prevent users from modifying the theme in this way. Or something else?

Steps to reproduce the problem

Windows 7: I can replace the TGS's BG image with the "riverbody.png", but the Slice tool will not allow me to adjust the image so that the borders match the Body (the Body matches the Footer; it looks quite stupid to have something in between that doesn't match).

OSX 10.6: On OSX, the Themes are within the package, and the file browser does not allow the user to browse within the pkg. So I copied the Themes folder to another folder, and then browsed to that folder to replace the BG image for the TGS with riverbody.png. Same result: the Slice tool does not allow you to create a slice that makes the BG match.

I tried modifying the CSS file for River, most attributes in the "Body" section and the "Trailing Grand Summary" section are the same. I tweaked the few that weren't so they are now. This appears to have no effect. I quit and re-started Filemaker to test if it was reading the new CSS file, but it's apparently not: it still uses the LGS BG file, rivergrand.png, by default.

I also looked at manifest.xml but I didn't find anything interesting there. Right?

Expected result

I expect to be able to use the Slice tool to make the background for the Trailing Grand Summary match the background for the Body, using any Theme provided by Filemaker.

Actual result

I cannot make the Trailing Grand Summary's background match the Body's background on themes that use the Slice tool to slice images. "River" is one such theme, where the Body matches the Footer, but the Trailing Grand Summary has a different look.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

I use both Filemaker Pro and FMPA on both Windows 7 and OSX (10.6). I also use FMPS 12 and have had the same problem when using the same file in server-hosted mode as when the file is local to either Windows or OSX machines.


None. I prefer to use the modern themes that require the use of the slicing tool, but may be forced to use a simple, solid-background-color theme. This is not a workaround, but rather a concession.