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Incomplete List of Table Occurrences in Calculation Dialog Box

Question asked by Shields on May 3, 2010
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Incomplete List of Table Occurrences in Calculation Dialog Box

Description of the issue

I have a feeling I'm not going to like the answer to my question, but... I ahve a file tha tis obviously corrupted.  I ran a few different versions of recovery and Save as Compacted (not on the same copy of the file - I copied the corrupted file to a local folder so that I could try to save it as a "clean" version each time).  There were 2 problems that made me realize there was a serious issue:1) When I used the "go to Layout" command either in a script, or just attached to a button, the layout I selected from the drop-down was not the layout the script/button referenced.  It was as much as 10 layouts off.  I had to highlight the drop-down list, then arrow through the layouts until the desired layout appeared in the script/button dialog, as opposed to being selected in the drop-down.2) When trying to create a calculated field, I was unable to see all of my Table Occurrences in the drop-down above the field list.  I have a VERY large file with possibly 1,000 TO's (give or take).  The list would only show the first 300(ish).  I would close FM, open it back up, then I would see maybe 400 TO's.  Next time, maybe 200.  After running a few recovery processes, I was able to identify corrupted layouts and tables.  As a test on a backup, I deleted  the tables and the layous from the system.  (Since this was a test on a backup, I didn't care about the functionality, for the purpose of getting results.)  After a few tries on a couple backup copies, I finally removed all of the bad pieces and got a clean recovery.So I opened up the file back up (again, not live - just a backup test) and I'm still having the same 2 problems. Has anyone had this problem?  And just far up the creek am I with this one?