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    incomplete printing



      incomplete printing

      Description of the issue

      I'm running FM 8.5 on Windows XP.  I generate quite a few printed reports, some quite lengthy.  I print to a Gestetner printer. (same as a Ricoh)  On some of the longer reports, you can watch as the pages are sent to the printer, like 1......2.......3.........4.........5........etc.  The problem is, on some reports, the printing is as follows:  1.........2..........3..........456789 etc.  When the pages are sent as they should be, everything prints.  When the speed picks up, those pages are printed as blank pages.  When the speed picks up, the printing does not necessarily stop at the end of a page, either.  The last page that's actually printed may be cut off anywhere on the page.  I can run the exact same report several times in a row, and it will cut off at different spots each time.  Then again, it may print the entire report.  The FM file is on our server, so I've opened it and tried printing from 2 different computers, using different drivers as well.  The results are the same.  If anyone can offer any help, it would be greatly appreciated.

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          Thank you for your post.


          There was a problem reported with printing with 8.5v1 on Windows.  This was covered in Knowledge Base article #6219, which you can find at:




          I have also included it here for your convenience.




          Why do blank pages appear when I print large numbers of records on Windows?




          APPLICABLE TO:


          FileMaker Pro 8.5, FileMaker Pro 8.5 Advanced


          On March 20, 2007, FileMaker released an updater for FileMaker Pro 8.5 and FileMaker Pro 8.5 Advanced that addresses the following printing issue.


          To download the updater click below:


          FileMaker Pro 8.5v2 (http://fmdl.filemaker.com/UPDT/fm/8.5/win/fmp_8.5v2_win_updater.exe)

          FileMaker Pro 8.5v2 Advanced (http://fmdl.filemaker.com/UPDT/fm/8.5/win/fmpa_8.5v2_win_updater.exe)


          FileMaker has recently become aware of an issue when printing large numbers of records on a Windows based computer. Some customers may experience blank pages or pages with unexpected characters after the first few pages of a large print operation.


          FileMaker Engineering is aware of this issue, and is currently researching it to better understand the root cause, and possible remedies.


          A possible workaround is to use a script to control the size of your print operations. We have included a sample of such a script below, and have verified that it resolves the issue for at least some customers. It is not a long term solution, but can provide temporary relief until FileMaker is able to offer a permanent solution for this issue.


          The script below takes a found set of records to be printed, and then tags them for identification.  It then automatically loops through these records and prints them in smaller groups.


          Before modifying your existing scripts to incorporate the script steps below, you must add a text field to your database (named "Flag" in the example below).  It is used by the script to tag found sets for printing.


          Example Script:


          #$printsize is a variable that you should adjust up or down to find the right number of records that can be printed without experiencing the blank page issue.


          Set Variable [ $printsize; Value: 20 ]


          #Initialize the flag field to identify the records that should be printed as the script loops through print jobs.


          Replace Field Contents [ print test::Flag; Replace with calculation: "x" ] [No dialog]



             Set Erroir Capture [ On ]

             #Find the remaining records to be printed

             Perform Find [ Specified Find Request: Find Records; Criteria: print test::Flag: ""X"" ] [ Restore ]

             Exit Loop If [ Get ( FoundCount ) = 0 ]

             #If there are more records than the $printsize variable specifies, omit them from each print loop.

             If [ Get ( FoundCount ) > $printsize ]

                Go to Record/Request/Page [ $printsize + 1 ] [ No dialog ]

                Omit Multiple Records [ Get (FoundCount) - $printsize ] [ No dialog ] 

             End If


             Refresh Window [ Flush cached join results ]

             Flush Cache to Disk

             Print [ Records being browsed; All Pages; Orientation: Portrait; Paper size: 8.5" x 11" ] [ Restore; No dialog ]


             #Remove the flag from those records that have already been printed.

             Replace Field Contents [ print test::Flag; Replace with calculation: "" ] [ No dialog ]


          End Loop

          Set Error Capture [ Off ]


          =============== END ARTICLE ===========


          If the above doesn't help, here are some more things to try so we can narrow down possible causes....


          Do you have access to another printer?  If so, can you try printing to that printer and see if you run into the same problem?


          Do you have access to another computer?  If you print from there to the same printer, do you run into the same problem?


          Is the printer on a network?  Are you printing to a printserver or direct connect?


          Are you able to turn off the spooling?  If so, can you turn it off and try printing and see if you run into the same problem?


          Please keep me posted with your progress.



          FileMaker, Inc.