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incomplete printing

Question asked by momatay1 on Jan 1, 2009
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incomplete printing

Description of the issue

I'm running FM 8.5 on Windows XP.  I generate quite a few printed reports, some quite lengthy.  I print to a Gestetner printer. (same as a Ricoh)  On some of the longer reports, you can watch as the pages are sent to the printer, like 1......2.......3.........4.........5........etc.  The problem is, on some reports, the printing is as follows:  1.........2..........3..........456789 etc.  When the pages are sent as they should be, everything prints.  When the speed picks up, those pages are printed as blank pages.  When the speed picks up, the printing does not necessarily stop at the end of a page, either.  The last page that's actually printed may be cut off anywhere on the page.  I can run the exact same report several times in a row, and it will cut off at different spots each time.  Then again, it may print the entire report.  The FM file is on our server, so I've opened it and tried printing from 2 different computers, using different drivers as well.  The results are the same.  If anyone can offer any help, it would be greatly appreciated.