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Inconsistent Calculation in Preview Mode

Question asked by BryanJohnson on Jun 27, 2011
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Inconsistent Calculation in Preview Mode


FileMaker Pro


Ver. 11.0v3

Operating system version

Windows XP Professional

Description of the issue

I have tables: Billing, Invoices, Equipment, and Contacts

Billing Layout is the Main Menu.
Portal to Invoice
Invoice Equipment and costs brought to invoice from Equipment
Billing gets Contact data for the main layout thru lookup.

The Calculations on the Main layout are 100% superb.

I have another layout on the same table as Billing, called Invoice. It shows the same details as the main menu but in a printable invoice design sheet, instead of a tabular menu input form.

I have a Preview button that runs this script:
  Create New Window
  Omit Record
  Show all Omitted
  go to Layout Invoices (Uses Billing same as Main layout)
  Enter Preview mode (pause)

NOT every time, but irregular occurrence.. 1 line item in the portal will calculate on the Total for the Forms window, but when entering the preview screen, it will be missing a single line form the calculation. Might be first, middle, last.. never the same. Not the same equipment, nor the same cost. Still haven't found a consistent reason. Still testing.

If you print the preview it prints the bad figure, and the preview shows it right?

If I have her close preview and change record and back, it is 100% correct and never has the flaw again.

The Only regular constant is that it happens on the initial entry, while still on that invoice and you hit preview.. although it doesnt happen to every invoice or preview...

Is there a way to force a Record refresh on the preview or just before preview to eliminate the issue?

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a new record for the Main 'Billing' layout.
create equipment line items in the portal
hit preview
Observe if the calculations are correct or fail.

Doesn't always fail.

Expected result

Expect it to pass all the time, but inconsistent calculation drop of random line item.


Leave preview, and change the record on main menu and return to the record in question. All calculations working fine.