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Inconsistent Sub- and Grand Summary Behavior when re-sorting

Question asked by fciadmin on Aug 29, 2012
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Inconsistent Sub- and Grand Summary Behavior when re-sorting


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

OS X 10.7.4

Description of the issue

With some found sets, re-sorting a list of records causes Sub-Summary and Trailing Grand Summary parts to display incorrect summary totals. It appears that the Summary fields are displaying the data from just one of the records instead of the Summary of all (or the appropriate subset) of the records.

Steps to reproduce the problem

In a list of records with multiple Sub-Summary Parts and a Trailing Grand Summary, I allow the user to re-sort the report by clicking on a header label, using a button-triggered "Sort Records" script step. The sort is hard-coded with sort fields for each header label. The scripted sorts (intentionally) cause certain Sub-Summary parts to appear and disappear based on the sort order.

With certain found sets of records the Summary fields appear to show data from just one of the found records instead of summarizing. Different sorts show correct or incorrect data in different places. Sometimes the Sub-Summaries will be correct, sometimes they won't. Sometimes the Grand Summary will be correct, sometimes it won't.

It does not appear to depend on the presence or absence of any one particular record, as I can reproduce the incorrect behavior on sets from the last month, or a completely different set of records from last year. It does seem to be related to the size of the found set, in that the larger sets I've observed seem to behave as expected, while smaller sets are more likely to fail. However, there isn't a hard break in the number of records required. In dozens of tests, I have never observed it happen with more than 30 records. It always seems to happen with less than 10. Between 10 and 30, it may or may not occur.

Expected result

Correct summarization of data in found set

Actual result

Repetition of data from just one record in found set

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