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Inconsistent Updates of Global Variables in Merge Text

Question asked by philmodjunk on Mar 10, 2011
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Inconsistent Updates of Global Variables in Merge Text


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows XP SP3

Description of the issue

While a let function such as Let ( $$Count = table::sMax - table::sMin + 1 ; 1 ) that is part of a conditional format expression can be used to assign a value to a global variable, the variable, when displayed as merge text does not consistently display the expected value. Either the screen is not updating consistently or the let function is not updating the value consistently.

Steps to reproduce the problem

A demo file may be downloaded from:

If the file is just opened or the layout is accessed after a script performs a find to pull up a different group of records, the merge text will display a past value until the user interacts with the window in some small way such as hiding/revealing the status area or rolling the mouse scroll wheel to move to a different record.

Expected result

That the global variable will display the correct value.

Actual result

A past value is displayed.


If you include script steps to first refresh the window then change to a different record (See second "fixed" script), the variable will update correctly.