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Question asked by on Oct 12, 2011
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Incorrect Data


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Hello...Maybe someone can help me with what should be a very simple database. Im trying to relate Places (PN) to Humans (HN).  The relationship want to say, "Many photographers (HN's) can provide photos of a single Place (PN)."  So I've set up a Photo Table and a join table to fill Portfolios.  The rule is each Portfolio can ONLY be assigned to ONE HN and one PN. 

So in the end, one should be able to look at a PLACE (PN) and see all the photos that have been shot by HN's, through the related Portfolios. 

But when I look through a portal on the PN side, I see all the photos, but it does not find the related HN correctly.  (But when I look on the HN side, it correctly finds the photos assigned through their portfolios. 

Can anyone help explain why this relational path might be faulty?

MANY thanks!