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Incrementing a loop counter

Question asked by yaldir on Dec 27, 2010
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Incrementing a loop counter


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Description of the issue

I Have a simple script to auto add portal records.  I have a variale to increment based on a DBfield holds a duration.
I can create the first record fine, then I use Set Field to increment the variable within my loop.  I am using Set Field
where my variable is $Seq and the formula is ($seq = $seq + 1)
Regardles of what I do, it does not increment the $seq value and not sure what else to do.I am using Set variable initially. I can add the first row fine. I then suppose to add a 1 to $seq and use it to position to the next portal recird so on..

Steps to reproduce the problem

Set Field [$seq = $Seq + 1]

Expected result

never changes, always 1. Calculation is not taken place inside the loop