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Question asked by Gorman9886 on Jul 16, 2012
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i have alot of records in my database but persons are only allowed to see specific records. i have set privilege set by each record, a user selects what records they want to see(lets say audi cars) and go to layout. only Audi cars are displayed, everything else says . they then do a find. filemaker creates index for find query based on records its allowed see. if a user goes back out and chooses a different selection of records(BMW Cars) and returns to layout. the index remains the same as per first find(Audi Cars). how do i clear the index and make filemaker create index everytime someone chooses a differenr set of records.

i don't want to use valuelist by related record.


if the database is closed and user re-opens. then the index is cleared and it will re-index.