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      i have alot of records in my database but persons are only allowed to see specific records. i have set privilege set by each record, a user selects what records they want to see(lets say audi cars) and go to layout. only Audi cars are displayed, everything else says . they then do a find. filemaker creates index for find query based on records its allowed see. if a user goes back out and chooses a different selection of records(BMW Cars) and returns to layout. the index remains the same as per first find(Audi Cars). how do i clear the index and make filemaker create index everytime someone chooses a differenr set of records.

      i don't want to use valuelist by related record.


      if the database is closed and user re-opens. then the index is cleared and it will re-index.

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          You have posted this question to the part of the forum intended for posting reports of possible software bugs. It get's seen by a lot fewer people than if you had posted it to the FM Pro Forum section (see tab at top of this screen).

          a user selects what records they want to see(lets say audi cars) and go to layout.

          What exact method are you implementing here?

          If you used a script that used the users selected type of car as find criteria, the <no access> records should disappear and the found set produced should be of just the type of car specified, filtered down to just those of that type where record level access control permits the user to view the record.