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Input field in "show custom dialog" script step is very slow accepting data

Question asked by AdamS_2 on Aug 31, 2012
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Input field in "show custom dialog" script step is very slow accepting data


FileMaker Pro



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Description of the issue

Data entry in to input fields in the "show custom dialog" step is extremely slow.  If you type at a reasonable pace you can see the data lagging well behind your typing speed. 

We use a USB swiper to read magnetic card data into fields in FIlemaker (the swiper emulates a keyboard).  In versions 8.5 and 11 this is very quick (enter the field, swipe a card, and a hundred characters of so of data pop right in there in under a second).

In version 12, on three different machines, we are seeing the data enter in at a crawl.  It takes 5-7 seconds for the data to read in.  It's holding our operations back.

The same data will swipe in very quickly outside of FM and will swipe in *fairly* quickly in regular fields within FM12 (though seemingly not as fast as outside FM, such as in TextEdit).

We would appreciate a reply to let us know if this is a known issue and if it's being worked, as well as when a solution is found.

Thank you.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a script
Add a "show custom dialog step"
Name an input field
Run the script
Type quickly [or, for a better test, swipe with a usb swiper) and observe the lag

Expected result

Data should appear quickly.

Actual result

Data appears very slowly.

Configuration information

FM12 hosted on one machine
Shared with two others


Extreme patience.