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Insert Audio/Video or QuickTime fail to add "size" metadata, even if it exists in the file.

Question asked by dhafitch on Jun 7, 2013


Insert Audio/Video or QuickTime fail to add "size" metadata, even if it exists in the file.


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS X 10.8.3

Description of the issue

The Insert Audio/Video or Insert QuickTime script steps fail to add "size" (width, height) metadata to the container field, even if such data exist for the file.  That size data exist for the file can be tested, for example, by looking at the file's Dimensions info in Preview column of the Finder (Mac "column view" preview column or Info for file); the Dimensions are shown in x pixels by y pixels. 
Presumably, this failure to add size metadata could be one reason why movies fail to show with correct proportions in containers served via IWP.
Also, in my application (for IWP), I want to use a global container to view different videos or pictures selected by title from a portal. All files are stored in the WebServer>Documents folder so they can be independently accessed by URL (e.g. in a separate web browser window). Selecting on a title calls an Insert From URL script that puts the video/picture into the global container. But the videos/movies (but not pictures) fail to have the correct proportions (and instead fill the global container). This issue does not occur with pictures, which DO have size metadata inserted using Insert Picture.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a container to hold a video or quicktime file (e.g. .mp4) by File Reference.
Create a text field to GetAsText(container).
Create a script containing either Insert Audio/Video or Insert QuickTime and use it to insert the file reference into the container.
Store your video/qt file in the appropriate directory that allows it to be accessed independently by URL (e.g., Library>WebServer>Documents).
Invoke the script to put a file reference into the container.
Also, Create another container that has Global storage.
Create a script that uses "Insert from URL" and specify the URL for the video file.
Via IWP, use this script to insert the video file into the global container.

Expected result

The container metadata viewed in the text field should show a "size" value as the first line.
Also, the global container should show the video with the correct proportions.

Actual result

The "size" line is absent from the container metadata.
Also, the proportions of the video in the global container are incorrect (the image of the video simply fills the container field.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


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