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    insert picture stopped working



      insert picture stopped working


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      I have been using the inventory template for my small business and for some reason when I want to insert a picture, the program becomes unresponsive.

      When I go to insert a picture, a dialog box opens up for me to choose a picture to insert.  I select the picture and the dialog box grays out, like it is going to close but nothing happens.  I even tries editing one of my product pictures that is in the database already and the same thing happens.

      Any suggestion on what to look at.


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          Todd Mark Mueller:

          Thanks for posting!

          Does this happen if you create a new database with a single container field?

          Have you been able to reproduce this issue on a different computer?

          Try creating a new container field in your original database and let us know if you're able to reproduce it with that field as well.

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