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Insert Picture... into container fails

Question asked by tmarkcollins on Sep 23, 2011
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Insert Picture... into container fails


FileMaker Pro



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Description of the issue

In my database, and subsequently reproduced in a new database with one Container field I am finding an issue with the Insert Picture (into a Container) function. The source of the picture is from the Media/Photo selection and then from my Aperture Library, but I also find this failure from Photo Booth as well.

It appears that when the file is first opened I am able to insert one picture (sometimes). But then in any other records or in trying to replace that one successful picture insert the function fails.

In the attached image file (called failure.png) you see a simple one field database that is a container. The image in this picture (AA174) is a TIFF file in Aperture. When I first tried to insert the picture the 'Open' button never changed from being greyed out. After quitting the file and reopening the function worked, as you can see the image in the container. When I tried to add another (even the same image) to a second record, the failure occurred. And when trying to insert a new picture on this record a failure occurred. The failure.png image is a screen capture of the failure state. For correct operation, the Open button should be showing blue at this point.

I have repaired permissions, with no change in result.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Quit Filemaker. Reopen.

Expected result

Insert Picture (into Container) to work. i.e. the Open button should show blue such that it can be selected.

Actual result

Insert Picture (into Container) does not work. i.e. the Open button is greyed out such that it cannot be selected.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error messages appear.

Configuration information

iMac i7
2.8 GHz


None found so far.