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    Insert Quicktime won't store in database



      Insert Quicktime won't store in database


      FileMaker Pro



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      Windows 7

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      When inserting Quicktime into a container field, there is no option on whether to store as a reference or not.  Without the option, it seems the default is to store only as a reference.

      The field definition itself is NOT set for external storage.  Without the option, I am unable to access the container contents on another machine (the database is served by FMS 13).

      Sure enough, using GetContainerAttributes() on the field shows:
      Storage Type: File Reference

      I also tried changing the field definition to store externally on the server, thinking that might help.  I get an error in the transfer log, of course, because it was saved as a file reference.  But an attempt to now re-insert the file again only saves it as a file reference and it is inaccessible from the other machine.

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               Howards -

               All QuickTime movies are stored in a container field as a file reference by design.  The file(s) would need to be stored on the server to be accessible.

               FileMaker, Inc.


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                 One trick for adding "by reference" files to a hosted database is to use a script that exports the file to a shared directory on the server and then re-inserts the file from that location. Thus the user can insert the quicktime movie from their local machine and the script--which can be performed by the OnObjectModify script trigger, can handle the needed details for moving the file to the server and re-inserting the file reference to this newly created copy on the server.

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                   Hi Howard,

                   I don't know what kind of QuickTime files you are trying to store directly in the database, but maybe you could use an insert Audio/Video on a interactive container, instead of Insert QuickTime on a static one.

                   Also, to avoid any confusion, please note that External storage option doesn't apply for file references storage. That option means, when a file is stored "by the database", you can choose to store it nevertheless outside the database file, for instance to facilitate backups, but it is still managed by the database, into a specific place. For instance, you cannot modify the file by its application without re-inserting it on the database, as you can always do with the file references only.

                   Bye, Fred

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                     Fred -- thanks for your points about external storage.  My thought in trying it was that perhaps it would force the default storage for 'Insert Quicktime' from "reference" to "stored", which it obviously didn't and, per TS_Shark's note, is by design.

                     TS_Shark -- I'm curious as to WHY this was by design.  What is it about Quicktime files that prevents them from being stored in FileMaker?

                     Phil -- The reason I was going for the Quicktime method is that playing of the file (in this case an audio sound effect) could be triggered with the Go To Field step.  By changing the field to be interactive and then using Insert Audio/Video, it works but is not as simple to trigger.  It seems the only way to trigger it to play via script is to set the field to start playback automatically.  I originally couldn't get this to work because I was trying to open a small window off-screen (scripted to happen only on certain records where I needed the audio effect to play) and it turns out the field only plays back if the container field itself can be seen in the window.  My initial thought was that this method of playing the audio just wasn't going to work for me, as it worked fine on my machine, but it didn't work on user machines while they were in "kiosk mode" (which is a further requirement).

                     What I finally ended up doing to work in both regular and kiosk mode was to place the container on the layout where it needed to play, resize it to about 5x5 pixels (instead of my preferred 1x1, which apparently didn't expose enough to trigger automatic playback), move it to an area of the layout where the player's combination of unhidable black and white colors would be camouflaged, and then use FM13's invisibility to hide the field on those records where I don't want it to play.

                     So in the end, it was all workable -- just not nearly as simple as it felt it should have been.


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                            Phil -- The reason I was going for the Quicktime method is that playing of the file

                       I'm puzzled by that statement as I never suggested that you NOT use Insert Quicktime. I only suggested a way to get it to work for you without having to "fiddle with the nuts and bolts" each time you need to insert a new video into your system.

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                         On a side note, Insert QuickTime will be deprecated.  Insert Audio/Video is the replacement.  For more information, see the FileMaker Pro 13 Release Notes via Knowledge Base Article #12530:


                         FileMaker, Inc.