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    Inserted images in container are displayed differently in Win/Mac



      Inserted images in container are displayed differently in Win/Mac


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      OS X 10.6.8 / Windows XP (on Mac via Parallels)

      Description of the issue

      Images inserted in a container are displayed smaller in Windows than on a Mac.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      On a Mac:
      1. Create a layout with theme "Classic" (This theme does not have any padding defined for containers and make the problem more obvious)
      2. Create a container in the dimension 80×40 pt; format: reduce image to fit; alignment: center, center.
      3. Insert an image with the dimension 80×40 px into the container. On a Mac Book 1px = 1pt, therefore the inserted image will fill the container completely.

      On a Win PC:
      4. When you open the same file on a Window PC, the container looks okay. The image fills the container from border to border. But I guess, it is only a "thumnail" that is displayed, not the actual image.
      5. Remove the image from the container and insert again a 80×40 px image. The container shows now a smaller image in the cotainer.

      Back on a Mac:
      6. Opening the database on a Mac again will show the same smaller image. Again, it is just the thumbnail, not the actual image.

      On Win and Mac the function GetWidth/GetHeight return the correct results (80/40).

      Expected result

      The image should be displayed in the same size on both systems.

      Actual result

      Images inserted in Windows will be displayed smaller as on a Mac.

      Configuration information

      Monitor settings: 1440×900 (Mac), 1440×878 (Win XP)


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          Thank you for your post.

          I am unable to replicate the issue.  Whether I insert the image file on the Mac or Windows, it displays the same on both Mac and Windows.  I do not get a smaller representation.  My machines are an iMac running Mac OS X 10.7.3 and a Dell running Windows XP (SP3).

          What application was used to create the image?  Any other information you can provide to help me replicate the image would be appreciated.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Hello TSGal,

            I am using a Mac Book Pro with OS X 10.6.8. To test the database with Windows I am using Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac with Windows XP installed.

            I tried different ways to insert the image into the container:

            1. In Layout mode I copied a FileMaker layout object (rectangle, 80×40), switch to Browse mode and pasted it into the container.
            2. I made a partial screen copy of the recatngle object using the build-in feature of the Mac OS and pasted it into the container.


            In both cases, if done in the Mac evnronment, the inserted image fills the container border to border. In the Windows environment, the image is inserted with a visible white border/padding as shown in the image in my first post.

            If you try to replicate this, then please remember this:

            • The theme for the layout should be Classic.
            • If you insert the image into the container, close the database and open it in the other OS environment, the content looks the same. But FileMaker is only showing you a thumbnail of the actual image. Copying the image now will be displayed differently.

            This behavior was brought to my attention by a user in a German forum. He is using Windows 7 Pro. He provided a database to clearify the problem to me. I added a button to the solution that will display the dimension of the image in the container field. You can download the sample file here: www.kegebein.net/FM12/FM12_Container_Bug.fmp12.

            I hope this will help you to replicate the issue.

            Regards, Arnold Kegebein

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              I can confirm Arnold's results. It has to do with pasting the image. I copied the user icon from this forum (right click, copy image) and pasted into his example file and it had a border. I saved the image to my desktop and inserted picture and it didn't have a border. I did the same thing on the Mac and both the pasted image and the inserted image acted the same.

              Mac 10.7.3 and Win XP SP3 using FMP 12.0v1 on both.

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                AKegebein and Sear R Walsh:

                Thank you for the additional information.

                I am able to replicate the issue, only when the Container field is set to "Reduce image to fit".  This occurs on BOTH Mac OS X and Windows.  If I change the setting to "Reduce or enlarge image to fit", then the pasting fills the Container field (Mac OS X and Windows).

                This acts differently than Insert -> Picture, as the image fills the Container field, regardless of the setting.

                I have sent your posts along with my findings to our Development and Product Management departments for review.  I will keep you updated as information becomes available to me.

                FileMaker, Inc.

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                  Filemaker Pro 12v1 - OSX 10.6.6 a) Inserted or copied images in a container field are always displayed with a border within the container (± 5 px) no matter if you set the data formatting of the container field to crop/reduce/enlarge. b) In Layout mode, when I try to set the line of the container field to 0 (zero) pt's Filemaker 12 deletes the container field from the layout and puts a zero as text object in its place. Does not make any difference if you set the container-line to none and/or the line color to nothing Just converted a file from FMP11 advanced to FMP12v1 and the container field behaves as it supposes to (no border) round the image. Henk Wijtman Rotterdam Holland