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Inserting graphics into container causes shrinking

Question asked by DanRosenstein on Dec 18, 2013
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Inserting graphics into container causes shrinking


FileMaker Pro


FM 13 Advanced

Operating system version

Win 7

Description of the issue

Apparently when copying or inserting a PNG graphic file into a global container it shrinks it considerably.
Dragging the same graphic files into the same file in Filemaker 12 worked fine – size remained as it should have been.

File was originally created in FM12.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a global container field (in my case I used 4 repetitions).
I dragged and inserted PNG files into the field and the graphics shrunk to about a quarter of the original size.

Expected result

Graphics imported 1:1 in size.

Actual result

Much smaller graphics.

Configuration information

Container field is global, 4 repetitions.


Used FM 12 to insert the graphics.