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Installing Filemaker 11 via Group Policy

Question asked by bcancilla on May 17, 2010


Installing Filemaker 11 via Group Policy

Description of the issue

Filemaker 11 cannot be installed through Group Policy as it requires Windows Installer 4.5. Windows XP Service Pack 3 does not include this version nor can the latest installer version be pushed out through WSUS. The setup.exe installer for v.11 will install the Installer v.4.5 before it installs FM11.   I didn’t see anything on the Filemaker website that provides a group policy install option (regarding Installer 4.5). Unless someone at Filemaker has a way to install the newest Installer version through group policy, we will have to manually install FM11 on everyone’s computer.  Does anyone have a solution on how to install FM 11 via group policy?