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    Instant Web Publishing - Broken relationship dependencies



      Instant Web Publishing - Broken relationship dependencies

      Description of the issue

      I'm using IWP to show some data from related tables in portals. This all works fine most of the time. But then I get portals that simply refuse to display the data in IWP - the portal rows do not appear and the scroll bar is partially missing. (All is fine in Filemaker itself).I suspected it was that the relationships were too complex. So I went into the relationship diagram and started removing criteria from the relationships. Bingo! Data started coming up. But then I put all the criteria back in - and the data I wanted was right there.So this is a bug with the relationship dependencies, which does not manifest itself except in IWP. Recovering the file did not fix the problem.BTW I wish someone would create an IWP FAQ page that lists all the known limitations and problems. Because at the moment, there's a general whinge about the limitations and problems - but if we all knew what they were, they'd be much less limiting and problematic!

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             recovering a file is NOT intended to "fix" a problem! it's only meant for getting data out of a damaged file, so you can import it into a clone that has not crashed and/or that predates the problem
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            Thanks for the Recover comment. But I still have no indication of a way forward with this bug, or any response from Filemaker.


            To add the information the moderator has requested for bug reports:


            OS: Mac 10.5.5

            Filemaker Pro Advanced: 9.03 

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              Thank you for your post.


              Without seeing your file, it's hard to determine what is the problem.  That is, something works, but when more fields are added, it breaks.  If you can narrow it down, or if you want to have us look at your file, please let me know.  I have sent you a private message (top of this page - right side - X Messages) with instructions where to send files.


              As we come across problems, we try to document them and have them available in our Knowledge Base.  Go to our web site (www.filemaker.com), pull down the Support menu and select "Knowledge Base".  Search for "IWP" (30 records) and "Instant Web Publishing" (110 records).  Some of these records are marketing documents, but you should find just about every inconsistency that has been reported with IWP.



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                TS Gal:


                Thank you for this message. I am preparing the file to send to you. On the other issue of a compiling a list of known issues with IWP, I've looked at the Knowledge Bse. It's very helpful. But what would be even more helpful would be a simple list, like what you get in release notes, that lists known bugs and limitations. When beginning development you could then look at the list and make some choices accordingly - rather than sweating to identify the problem later on.