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Instant Web Publishing - Broken relationship dependencies

Question asked by williamcb on Nov 14, 2008
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Instant Web Publishing - Broken relationship dependencies

Description of the issue

I'm using IWP to show some data from related tables in portals. This all works fine most of the time. But then I get portals that simply refuse to display the data in IWP - the portal rows do not appear and the scroll bar is partially missing. (All is fine in Filemaker itself).I suspected it was that the relationships were too complex. So I went into the relationship diagram and started removing criteria from the relationships. Bingo! Data started coming up. But then I put all the criteria back in - and the data I wanted was right there.So this is a bug with the relationship dependencies, which does not manifest itself except in IWP. Recovering the file did not fix the problem.BTW I wish someone would create an IWP FAQ page that lists all the known limitations and problems. Because at the moment, there's a general whinge about the limitations and problems - but if we all knew what they were, they'd be much less limiting and problematic!