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    Instant Web Publishing Engine Errors



      Instant Web Publishing Engine Errors


      FileMaker Server


      12.03.327 Advanced

      Operating system version

      Windows Server 2008 R2

      Description of the issue

      Getting various scripting errors in the log. e.g. Web Scripting Error 101: Go to Related Record, Error 500; Perform Find. Error 401:  Go to Record/Request/Page.

      Question: Am I getting these errors because Server THINKS there might be a problem, or because there actually was a problem with execution. I think I have these all set up to deal with things. For instance, if there are no records in the found set, I exit the loop. etc.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Run any script with the above steps.

      Expected result

      I expect it to just run without errors.

      Actual result

      Gets the errors above.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      FM Web Publishing - - wpc1 Web Scripting Error: 101, File: "Janis_Dev", Script: "Add Judges to CANDB", Script Step: "Go to Record/Request/Page"




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               Some error codes are logged during normal execution of scripts. Set Error Capture will keep an error dialog from interrupting your script, but the error is still logged. Other script steps are always returning error codes in certain circumstances without generating a dialog box and those codes are logged as well. We'd never know they were generated except for checking the log or using Get ( LastError ) immediately after the script step.

               Thus, if you perform a find and no records are found, a 401 error code will be logged.

               If you loop through records with the Go To Record/Request/Page [next ; exit after last] script step, a 101 error will be logged whent the script reaches the last record and exits the loop. Even though your script has performed exactly as you have designed it to perform. angry

               Other's have also complained about these "errors that aren't really errors" as they clutter up the log and can make it difficult to isolate a log entry that does tell us something significant from amongst all the "chaff" that is meaningless.