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    Instant Web Sharing Won't Start



      Instant Web Sharing Won't Start & FMA9.0.3 then crashes.


      FileMaker Pro


      ADVANCE 9.0.3  and FM 8.0v3

      Operating system version

      10.5.8  mac

      Description of the issue

      Filemaker Pro Advance 9.0.3  with/ fm_9.0_SSL_osx_updater installed.
      also  Filemaker Pro 8.0v3

      Mac 10.5.8 w/ recent update

      Web Sharing won't stat on either 9.0.3 or 8.0v3. 
      9.0.3 crashes each time i try to start IWS and 8.0v3 just says it can't start IWS.

      I have exactly the same software and system on a laptop which starts and does IWS just fine.

      After 9.0.3 crashed several times, i tried 8.0v3 and it published fine.  Quite that application, and restarted it, and then it too, refused to start up IWS

      Have tried removing com.filemaker.pro.advance.plist from Preference Folder
      Also removed web.prefs from Web Support Folder under FM 9.0.3  & restarted computer several times.
      and Changed the Port to 591.

      Is there any other suggestions i can use.

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          Sandy Cline:

          Thank you for your post.

          The web.prefs file is the correct file to remove.  When you try to turn on Instant Web Publishing, a new web.prefs file will be created.

          Make sure you do not have FileMaker Server also installed, as you would not be able to turn on Instant Web Publishing.  Also, make sure no other copy of FileMaker Pro is running on the same machine.

          Please keep me updated with any progress.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            to:  TSGal

            Thanks for reply.  Tried this solution of removing "web.prefs"  before, but did try it again for both FM 9 and FM 8, with NO results. 

            I also have FM11 installed, on same machine, and it does IWP just fine.

            The problem is with FM 9 and FM 8.  Neighter will now start IWP.  The "Status Area Language" box don't fill in as it did before, and then the application just crashes.  If i try to do advanced options, it crashes when i click to accept changes.  Can't change port either, except when the application specifically asks for a port change, but it still crashes at the end, without start IWP.

            I don't seem to have my original copy of FM 8 for an re-install, but did re-install FM9, but the problem persists.

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              Sandy Cline:

              Thank you for the additional information.

              Naturally, make sure FileMaker Pro 11 is not running at the same time as FileMaker Pro 9.  Otherwise, you will be unable to start Instant Web Publishing.

              Quit out of all instances of FileMaker Pro.

              Remove the web.prefs file from:

              Hard Disk -> Applications -> FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced -> Extensions -> Web Support -> web.prefs

              Launch FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced, open any data file, pull down the File menu and select "Sharing -> Instant Web Publishing...".  Turn on Instant Web Publishing.  If it asks you to change the port, then select 591 as this is registered and reserved by FileMaker, Inc.

              Let me know if you continue to have difficulty.

              FileMaker, Inc.