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    interface bug



      interface bug

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      I am running FMP10A (10.0v1) on a Ti PowerBook G4, 1Ghz, 1GB RAM with Mac OS 10.4.11.I notice when I use Cmd-Tab to move between applications that FMP does not behave as it used to in previous versions.Sample scenario - I have one FMP window open, and I Cmd-Tab to another application to copy some text. When I Cmd-Tab back to FMP and try to tab to the field where I want to paste the data, I get an alert sound and no field is entered. The "toolbar" area at the top of the window is greyed. Only after clicking somewhere in the window can I tab between fields. This really hampers fast work when moving between applications.The window menu gives no clue as to what might be happening - the only window open has a tick mark against it, and choosing "bring all to front" does not allow field entry by tabbing. Even more strange, if I Cmd-Tab from another application to FMP, then use Cmd-F to enter find mode, the field borders appear and the cursor appears in the first field, but if I try to type, I get the alert noise. Ditto if I try to tab to another field. Happy to provide copies of any log files etc that may be useful in finding and fixing the problem. regards Rowland 

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          You are right! It's a bug, but only if FMP 10 is running on Tiger (10.4.11 in my situation), on a MacBook Pro 10.5.6 these behaviour don't occur! 



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            I do not have access to a Tiger machine any longer.  However, it appears that Stefano is able to duplicate the problem.


            I have sent your post to our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments so they can be aware of this issue.


            If any additional information becomes available, I will post it here.



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              I appreciate your attention and hope a fix can be made.


              Just noticed a further manifestation: if there are 2 FMP windows open when I Cmd-Tab to FMP from another application, I cannot move between the windows using Cmd-` either, so it looks like FMP is not picking up the standard keyboard shortcuts correctly from the OS in Tiger.





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                Thank you for the additional information.


                If it is any consolation, Cmd-` does work properly with Leopard.



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                  while you are at it, we still have this annoying behavior (old story) when another app is in front and FileMaker is displaying a message (custom dialog or any error message), we have to command-tab to activate FileMaker prior to clicking the message away. It's anoying for us, but most of all very confusing for users (I had to drive users thru the phone many times just for this).



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                    Sorry for the late reply.


                    This issue was confirmed by our Testing department, as it was already reported previously.  No other information is available at this time.



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