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interface bug

Question asked by RowlandCarson on Feb 7, 2009
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interface bug

Description of the issue

I am running FMP10A (10.0v1) on a Ti PowerBook G4, 1Ghz, 1GB RAM with Mac OS 10.4.11.I notice when I use Cmd-Tab to move between applications that FMP does not behave as it used to in previous versions.Sample scenario - I have one FMP window open, and I Cmd-Tab to another application to copy some text. When I Cmd-Tab back to FMP and try to tab to the field where I want to paste the data, I get an alert sound and no field is entered. The "toolbar" area at the top of the window is greyed. Only after clicking somewhere in the window can I tab between fields. This really hampers fast work when moving between applications.The window menu gives no clue as to what might be happening - the only window open has a tick mark against it, and choosing "bring all to front" does not allow field entry by tabbing. Even more strange, if I Cmd-Tab from another application to FMP, then use Cmd-F to enter find mode, the field borders appear and the cursor appears in the first field, but if I try to type, I get the alert noise. Ditto if I try to tab to another field. Happy to provide copies of any log files etc that may be useful in finding and fixing the problem. regards Rowland