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Intermediate Certificates Not Supported

Question asked by millennium on Dec 3, 2014
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Intermediate Certificates Not Supported


FileMaker Server



Operating system version


Description of the issue

There is no mechanism that works for installing an intermediate SSL certificate.  The instructions at state that they are applicable to FMS 13, but this is not the means for installing certificates on FMS 13, fmsadmin certificate import is.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Attempt to install the intermediate certificate per the instructions at:


Attempt to install the intermediate certificate using the "fmsadmin certificate import" command

Test using

Expected result

Both the server and CA certificates should be presented to all SSL requests.

Actual result

If installing the certificate into the system keychain, it shows up as installed, but the FileMaker Apache server is not presenting the intermediate certificate.

If installing using the "fmsadmin certificate import" command, the following error is produced:

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

fmsadmin: This certificate [positivesslca2.crt] does not match the key file [/Library/FileMaker Server/CStore/serverKey.pem].
Error: -1 (Internal error


SSL Certificate is not trusted

The certificate is not signed by a trusted authority (checking against Mozilla's root store). If you bought the certificate from a trusted authority, you probably just need to install one or more Intermediate certificates. Contact your certificate provider for assistance doing this for your server platform