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Interpret pe_internal_access log msg

Question asked by RichardDeShong on Feb 23, 2009
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Interpret pe_internal_access log msg

Description of the issue

The pe_internal_access log file is filled with the following two msgs.  One for every minute: - - 2009-02-22 19:24:44 -0800 "/fmi/conf/config.wpc?-no_status=" 401 0127.0.0.1:2412 - fmsadmin 2009-02-22 19:24:44 -0800 "/fmi/conf/config.wpc?-no_status=" 200 2190 They repeat, over and over again.19:24:44, 19:25:44, 19:26:44, etc. Are the codes at the end from the FM Error codes? Or are they something else?Is this normal, or is there something wrong?