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    Invalid Username/password



      Invalid Username/password


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      I created a database, went to File Options; Open and set Account Name and Password.  Changed Admin to my user name (biredale) and set the password.  I am unable to open the file now with an invalid username/password message.  It is interesting the default user name (Brian Iredale) that pops up when trying to open the file is not the same as I entered when I set the password.  No combination of username and paaword works. I know the password and case sensitivity.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      See above.

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          Brian Iredale:

               Thank you for the post.


               Please note Report An Issue is intended for Reporting Possible Software bugs. Questions on how to work with FileMaker Pro should be posted in the FM Pro Forum Section. (See tab at top of this screen).


               To change the Account Name or Password for a new FileMaker database:


               1. File > Manage > Security

               2. Double-click the account to change (Admin)

               3. Change the field with "Admin" to the new name

               4. Fill in the Password field

               5. Click OK. Click OK.

               6. Type the new account name in the "Full Access Account:" field.

               7. Type the new password in the "Password:" field.

               8. Click OK.


               To prompt for a login, hold down the "Shift" key on the keyboard and double-click the file. At the login prompt, try the account name "Admin" and leave the password field empty. If that is still the Full Access account and password, you will have regained access to the file.


               Before telling FileMaker to log into an account, first create or modify the existing account; afterwards, if you wish to specify the file to "Log in using:" the new account and password can be used in the File Options > Open dialog window.



               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 And this is a "20/20 hind sight" sort of comment, but when experimenting with manage | Security, it can be a good idea to first save a copy of your file before you make any changes. If you then accidentally "lock yourself out", you have the option of discarding the file and trying again with the saved copy.

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                   Did you figure out how to fix this Brian??

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                     More hints on how accounts and passwords work:

                     A User Name is something that you specify in FileMaker Preferences. An Account Name is something that you specify when using Manage | Security to create or change an account. Admin is one of the default account names automatically present when you create a new database file. You aren't asked for a password until you change things in Manage | Security because File Options' default setting is to enter the Admin account name with no password automatically when the file opens. You get a dialog asking for an account name and password when admin and no password no longer opens the file because you have either changed the account name, specified a password for it or cleared the check box in FileOptions that enables auto-entereing a password.

                     But FileMaker will automatically enter the User Name from preferences as the Account Name in the log in dialog. If you want to open the file with an account that has a name different from the user name, you have to delete the automatically entered User name and enter the desired Account name.

                     And while account names are not case sensitive, you can use admin, Admin or ADMIN as the account name, passwords are case sensitive so one way to lock yourself out is to forget how you capitalized the letters of the password. You might be entering opensesame or OPENSESAME when you should be entering OpenSesame.

                     Finally, Mac users can set up a tool called "key chain" that will automatically open a database with a specified account name and password. This sometimes catches them by surprise when they then move to a different computer that does not have keychain set up and are asked for log in credentials for a file that they didn't realize had been set up to require log in credentials.

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                       Thanks a million, I'm back in now. Was getting rather worried there for a while!