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    Invoice template



      Invoice template


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      OS X Yosemite 10.10.2

      Description of the issue

      I've modified the preset version of Invoice, adding a VAT field.
      File Maker does not shut down any more (since I force it) and does not respond, too.
      Any suggestion?

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          Anna Trombini:

          Thank you for your post.

          If you double-click on another database file to launch FileMaker Pro, does the file open?  Are you then able to close the file?  Are you then able to quit FileMaker Pro?

          If you create a new user account, login to the new user account, launch FileMaker Pro, are you then able to quit?

          Keep me updated with any progress.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Benjamin Fehr


            • Open FMPA first
            • start 'Script-Debugger' first
            • then open 'Invoice' file
            • With the Script-Debugger, you can see if any script is interfering. Any infinite loop, a pause, whatever.


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              my version of FMP is 13, not 12 as I wrote above.

              if I open another database file it works and I can close FMP with no further problem. I tried to open and work on a different file on FMP, still when I open Invoices, the window of "invoices" comes in foreground and does not permit to work on the opened file (nor to close FMP).

              @Benjamin, TSGal:

              I'm afraid, I'm an absolute beginner. Is there a tutorial where I can get this knowledge, in order to "survive"? :-\

              Thanks for your support.


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                Benjamin is describing a feature of FileMaker Advanced that will not be available to you unless you installed that version of FileMaker on your computer.

                First check for any paused script. If a script is paused, you should see a button named "continue" in the status area at the top of the screen. You maybe able to resolve this issue by clicking Continue or Cancel.

                Second, while you may not know enough about Filemaker yet to try this, it may be possible to get the file open without trouble so that you can find and fix the problem by creating a new file and using Perform Script in your new file to perform a script in the original. This can open the file while working around any script set up to run when the file first opens and then you can disable this script's trigger in File options until you figure out what is going wrong with it.