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Invoke a script trigger on drag-n-drop

Question asked by Ward on Aug 22, 2009
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Invoke a script trigger on drag-n-drop

Description of the issue

I started to reply to Drag dropping data between two fields does not activate an OnObjectSave script trigger,  but (1) that thread discusses using a script trigger for data normalization, and (2) the thread is marked as Solved.  I agree that Auto-Enter is an appropriate technique for normalization. But what if the developer (me) really wants to perform a script when a user modifies a field by (1) typing a value into an editable field, (2) pasting a value into that field, or (3) dropping a new value onto the field?  All three techniques modify the field, but only #1 and #2 invoke the trigger script. Arguing that drag-n-drop does not activate the field seems like technical slight-of-hand. I realize I can mimic an On Object Modify script trigger using Auto-Enter and the EventScript or DoScript plug-in (which we could do in FileMaker 9).  If that's the solution for responding to all forms of field modification, why bother with the partial solution offered by On Object Modify script triggers? I encourage the FileMaker team to fix/extend On Object Modify script triggers to recognize drag-n-drop modification of a field.