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    iOS 7 - Get(SystemNICAdress) returns wrong value

    Benjamin Fehr


      iOS 7 - Get(SystemNICAdress) returns wrong value


      FileMaker Go



      Operating system version

      iOS 7 Pre-release

      Description of the issue

      Get(SystemNICAdress) returns same/wrong value on all iOS-devices. It's always:

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Have a FMP12v4 database. Insert Vars {{SystemNICAdress}} or formula-field Get(SystemNICAdress) on a layout.
      Remote Access with iPhone / iPad or load files to iOS-Devices. The Vars or field will always show "02:00:00:00:00:00"

      Expected result

      FM Go evaluating valid NICAdress.

      Please have this issue forwarded to development dept. immediately! Since we know that you don't have iOS 7 Pre-release at hand for testing, please don't waste any time to report to dev-dept!

      This is threatening our and everybody else's technical case for sw-activation, where password-calculation is based on NICAdress!

      Actual result

      always same/wrong value:

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear





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          Benjamin Fehr

               Workarround using PersistenID shows just another conflict:

               my iPhone AND iPad show same(!) PersistentID. 

               PersistenID evaluated with:

               - formula field with AND without indexing

               - Vars {{PersistenID}} on a layout

               - send email, txt: formula[PersistenID]

               PersistentID for both iOS-Devices identical


               All tests performed with Remote Access from iOS-Devices to Host AND files copied to iOS-Devices and testing in stand-alone mode.


               Tests with Computer-devices (MacBook i7 and MacBook DualCore) show no conflict √

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                 I did not test, but the Get(SystemNICAdress) returns 3 listed strings, as f.i.


                 did you test all 3 values?

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              Benjamin Fehr


                   This is iOS7 we're talking about. Apple blocks any "read-NIC" functions with iOS 7 for security and privacy reasons.


                   Whatever test you did, it's not a iOS Device with iOS 7.

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                Benjamin Fehr


                     Please have this issue forwarded to Dev.-Dept. This is urgent since we have to have a workarround ready before official launch of iOS7!

                     The topic is to "Find a unique Hardware-ID" for any password-related activation process.

                     What we know so far is, that iOS 7 doesn't enable to evaluate NICAdress for any privacy or security politics by Apple Inc.. Since PersistentID calculation is based on NICAdress (I assume?!), evaluation of PersistentID's on iPhone and iPad shows same ID for every device. Though no uniqueness. Maybe Dev-Dept. could give answer to what I hope could be a workarround:

                     Evaluating Get(temporaryPath) show's a string between /Applications/  AND  /tmp/ . Is this string unique and hardware-ID related?



                best regards



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                       Benjamin Fehr:

                       Thank you for the post.


                       Our Testing department had a previous report (not through the Forums) of this issue. Testing and Development is aware and confirmed this behavior on iOS 7. Additionally, I added your comments to the previous report.



                       FileMaker, Inc.

                  • 6. Re: iOS 7 - Get(SystemNICAdress) returns wrong value
                    Benjamin Fehr


                         many thanks. You may add further informations:

                         I get identical PersistentID's from both my iOS-Devices runnig on same .mac-Account.

                         On another iPhone with different .mac-Account I get a different PersistentID.


                         That string-part I mentioned, - evaluating Get(temporaryPath), shows different/unique(?) values for every iOD-Device!

                         I'ld like to see Dev-Dept. doing inquiry on that possible workarround if PersistentID turns out as a dad-end with iOS7.

                         I built a simple test-db to send a email with text with evaluated PersistentID AND TemporaryPath from within the iOS-Device.


                         Benjamin Fehr

                         EfficientBizz GmbH




                    2CD174AECB6FCB99E0D636A73F519E74 - MacBook i7
                    AB05D33B07A840EE065D0C56992C9629 - MacBook DualCore
                    8D05FB2A7CDC7D29F52C251CC4D9C17F - iPad EffBzz
                    8D05FB2A7CDC7D29F52C251CC4D9C17F - iPhone EffBzz
                    812FC9F5EB7C1D49E14F0733BA723EEF - iPhone John Doe
                         iOS TemporaryPath (first 6 digits anonymized):
                         /private/var/mobile/Applications/######1A-A6B6-43BF-994F-70E76C3914B4/tmp/S15/ - iPhone local
                         /private/var/mobile/Applications/######1A-A6B6-43BF-994F-70E76C3914B4/tmp/S15/ - iPhone remote
                         /private/var/mobile/Applications/######DD-AEB1-4EF5-AB65-F5A38EB52885/tmp/S15/ - iPad local
                         /private/var/mobile/Applications/######DD-AEB1-4EF5-AB65-F5A38EB52885/tmp/S15.1/ - iPad remote
                         /private/var/mobile/Applications/######FC-7B29-429E-9244-69C943A69C1D/tmp/S15/ - iPhone John Doe
                    • 7. Re: iOS 7 - Get(SystemNICAdress) returns wrong value

                           Ok, that's two for the price of one. Two entries have been added to the Known Bugs List. If you have questions/comments/corrections concerning those entries, please post them here or in a new thread--not in the Known Bugs List thread.

                      • 8. Re: iOS 7 - Get(SystemNICAdress) returns wrong value

                             Thanks for the heads up, Benjamin. Do I understand correctly that the persistent ID which is supposed to be a hardware ID is now generated with the iTunes user account? 

                        • 9. Re: iOS 7 - Get(SystemNICAdress) returns wrong value

                               After doing additional research I suspect that the persistent ID in iOS 5-6 is based on the UDID which is tied to the iOS device. In iOS 7, however, the persistent might be based on the new IDFA which is tied to the user since access to the UDID is not allowed anymore. I really hope that we can get some clarification from FileMaker Inc. on what the persistent ID actually represents on iOS.

                          • 10. Re: iOS 7 - Get(SystemNICAdress) returns wrong value
                            Benjamin Fehr


                                 PersistentID could be either based on Mac-Adress (NIC-Adress) OR any key related to the Apple-ID. Some Test-Tools on iOS7 evaluate 3 Mac-Adresses at all:




                                 If you have at least 2 iOS-Devices with iOS7, you can do a comparison test with a simple FMGo App with a Button on a layout with a script:

                                 send Email [your emailAdress],

                                 Subject: "Prg.Vers: " & Get ( ProgrammVersion ) & "   Plattform: " & Get ( SystemPlattform )

                                 Subject [formula]: "temporary_path: " &Get ( TemporaryPath ) & ¶ & "Persistent_ID: "&Get(PersistentID)

                            • 11. Re: iOS 7 - Get(SystemNICAdress) returns wrong value


                                   I don't think the hardware ID is based on the Mac-Address / NIC-Address. You can hack the Mac-Address/ NIC-Address on windows but the hardware ID that FileMaker will give you with the get(PersistentID) command remains the same. I just hope that the Apple-ID that you get in iOS7 when you use the get(PersistentID) command is not based on the IDFA. From what I have read so far the IDFA is a transferable user cookie that advertising companies prefer over the UDID because they can continue tracking the iPhone user after he or she sells his iPhone and buys a new one.

                                   By the way the NIC Address '02:00:00:00:00:00' is already being used by Apple on iOS6 but you will get the additional NIC Addresses of the user as well. It would be nice if Apple and FileMaker Inc. can work out how to allow FileMaker to get at least one unique persistent ID from iOS devices. Apple makes exceptions to their stringent app rules for their own software on iOS all the time. A software copy protection that is based on a single NIC Address and a transferable IDFA user cookie can be hacked by a twelve year old.

                              • 12. Re: iOS 7 - Get(SystemNICAdress) returns wrong value
                                Benjamin Fehr


                                     other developers confirm that PersistentID on iOS7 show all the same ID on any different devices. Please let Development Department know that this is urgent. A solution must be found before finale release iOS7!!

                                     We must find a way of evaluating any unique device ID for SW-Activation process or we're unable to deploy/sell our product for iOS-Devices as soon as iOS 7 arrives!

                                     kind regards



                                • 13. Re: iOS 7 - Get(SystemNICAdress) returns wrong value

                                       @TSFalcon: Can you clarify what the persistent ID is based upon on iOS7? Thanks.

                                  • 14. Re: iOS 7 - Get(SystemNICAdress) returns wrong value


                                         Thank you for the replies.


                                         iOS 7 is still not released to the general public. The information has been confirmed by Testing and sent to Development for further review. If additional information becomes available, then I will post back at that time.



                                         FileMaker, Inc.

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