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iPad crashing on date field in certain circumstances

Question asked by Timothy Bentley on Mar 24, 2015
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iPad crashing on date field in certain circumstances


FileMaker Go


13.0.8, Pro 13.0.5

Operating system version

iOS 7.1.2, Windows 7

Description of the issue

Under particular circumstances, selecting a date field or entering a date into it while in list mode causes the iPad to crash to the home screen. Oddly, I haven't managed to replicate this on the iPhone.

The particular circumstances to cause this problem seem to be rather finicky; changing the font size or the header size make the problem appear or disappear.

I've tried restarting both FM Go and the iPad, but that has no effect.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1) Create a table with a text field and 3 date fields. (this exactness is not necessary, but I've gotten it to reliably crash with this setup)
2) Create a layout - I used the iPad and list settings to create it.
3) Give layout a width of 14 inches, the header a height of 1.5 inches, and the body a height of 0.514 inches.
4) Add the fields to the layout and change them to 10 pt. (I tried this both with Arial and Tahoma)
5) Remove the left anchor and move the fields 1.556 inches from the top and roughly in the middle. (I'm not sure if this is necessary)
6) On the iPad, add a new record and try to enter data into a date field.

Expected result

Normal data entry

Actual result

iPad crashes to the home screen.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

If done on a hosted file, on the server there's no message when it crashes, and I'm still listed as connected; later (I think generally when logging back in) it will say longer responding; connection closed. (10)


I'm sure there are many; increasing the font size is probably what I'll end up doing.