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    Is FileMaker collecting data for the NSA?



      Is FileMaker collecting data for the NSA?


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      It seems silly but I have been asked that very same questions by more than one user. Every one of my runtime solutions confronts a new user with the following dialog right after launching the application for the first time:

      Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this program:
      Allow FileMaker Pro Runtime to communicate on these (selectable) networks:

      Domain Networks
      Private Networks
      Public Networks

      Throughout the years I have tried every setting under the sun to avoid this dialog. What is even more puzzling is that my runtimes do not even access the 'network' directly. I would love to find out how this dialog is avoidable. Is it caused by a specific script step (e.g. send mail)? Is it related to incorrect Windows permissions? Is there any file that can be removed from the runtime to avoid this dialog? Is FileMaker merely tracking how many runtimes are being installed? Any clarification would be appreciated...

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               Thank you for your post.

               Besides Send Mail, there is also Web Viewer that accesses information over the network.  I don't know if this can be suppressed, so I have sent a message to our Development and Testing departments for more information.  When I receive a reply, I will let you know.

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                 Thanks TSGal. A workaround would be superb. Even if I have to delete or restrict a specific file within the package content of the runtime app after it has been created. Although my runtimes are code signed they are still identified as 'harmful' by certain anti-virus software. I suspect the default network access requirement is the culprit.