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Is this a bug?  Or a "feature"?

Question asked by mattb on Nov 30, 2009
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Is this a bug?  Or a "feature"?

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I posted this in the "Using Filemaker Pro" forum and have gotten no response so far, so now I'm posting it here as a possible bug: I've been working with FMP Advanced 10.0v3 for Mac OSX.  All of the compiled runtime versions of the app I'm working on have thered close button grayed out and inactive on all windows.  The orange minimize and green maximize buttons are still active.  This is notthe case in the development environment, only in compiled runtime versions. Can someone please definitively tell me whether the graying out of the red OSX close button on all windows is a permanent feature of Mac FMPruntime and must I create my own window closing buttons for each window??  I hope not.    Matt Bloomfield