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IServer permission problems

Question asked by pat_pai on Jan 23, 2009
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IServer permission problems

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Good morning, i've got 2 servers FMP 9 that are setup the same. And what i do on each of them is create a drive letter for the data. The server as a checkbox for "Use additional database folder" and it points to the drive letter. My problem is that i've put a share on that drive letter for myself and the dev(s) to load data, remove, etc. So when i try to access that folder on my server, i can see what is in it, but can not do anything else. Is this because FMP server puts some sort of lock on that folder? It almost feels like that folder as already someone in it and doesnt allow anyone else to do anything with it. I've also got other folders with shares on them and i can access them just fine and it allows me to do what i need to do, but that perticalr one, seams to be locked down. Thank you and i hope i make sence.