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Issue for displaying images stored externally using instant web publishing

Question asked by JuanSebastianRodriguez on Apr 2, 2015
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Issue for displaying images stored externally using instant web publishing


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

Windows 7

Description of the issue

I'm using a Filemaker Server 12 for hosting a database which has some container fields for images. In order to avoid to have a huge database file in the future, I've decided to store externally the images, and modify the containers accordingly. There are no problems when I use Filemaker pro 12 or 13 for opening the database. But when I use Instant Web Publishing through Filemaker Server 12, I see a missing image icon instead of the picture. It is the same in Firefox, Chrome and Windows Explorer. I've check the data in the RC_Data_FMS folder of Filemaker Server and the pictures are correctly stored from the original location. I also have compared the URL image locations in the web browser when I open the database in Instant Web Publishing in 2 cases:
1) The database with embedded images
2) The database with externally stored data.
In the first case the image opens without any problem, the URL looks like this:
In the second case, I'm redirected to the dabase homepage, the image is never displayed. The URL looks like this:

Could someone help me to solve this problem? I've tried everything.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I select the checkbox for storing data externally in the container, then I choose: import records > folder, I choose Picture and movie files and Import only a reference of each picture file. Actually, if I select to import only the reference of the files, it doesn't matter if I have selected to store externally the data in the container. The issue is the same, I'm not able to see the picture in the Instant Web Publishing in the browser.

I upload the database from the Admin console in Filemaker Server. I also have tried to upload it from Filemaker pro 13 but it doesn't work. I cannot connect to the host. I've also used Filemaker pro 12 and stored the files in the Web folder but it doesn't work. The result is the same.

Expected result

A picture in the database when I access it in Instant Web Publishing mode in the web browser

Actual result

A missing image symbol

Configuration information

The container is optimized for static images