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    issue reports - captcha

    Markus Schneider


      issue reports - captcha

      Operating system version

      OSX 10.10.3

      Description of the issue

      finding a bug, trying to report that bug -> we have to type in a captcha code, that ist COMPLETELY UNREADABLE

      That's really not the way to let people send in reports )-:

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      create more than one report, captcha pop's up

      Expected result

      a window appears with some text to enter

      Actual result

      unreadable chunk


      click on 'new captcha' until one appears that can be read

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          Agreed.  I constantly find myself having to answer 2 or 3 Capthas before it gets accepted.  These captchas seem to use one easy to read, real word... and then one scrunched and twisted jumble of random letters.  It would be nice (and probably nearly as protective) if both were real words.  Or use pictures or something else.

          I'm curious -- do TSGal and TSFalcon have to enter the Captchas  to reply to posts here?  Maybe there's a way to automatically allow posts for people who have been members for a certain amount of time?  Anything better than what we have now?

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            The caption on the Captcha is a bit wrong, also:  "Enter BOTH of the words..."  when there is only one word (often).

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              Thank you for your comments.

              First, TSFalcon and I have to enter a CAPTCHA each time we post.

              There are many times when I see unreadable CAPTCHA's or two words where one is difficult to read.  I immediately tap the top icon to the right of the image (see red box in the screen shot), and it displays a new image.  Most of the time, I get a readable address (like the screen shot).

              Right now, until the Korean kid stops spamming, the CAPTCHA will remain as it helps slow down the spamming.

              FileMaker, Inc.

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                Benjamin Fehr

                markus schneider

                I really appreciate FMI policy do give a job to a photographer with a serious alcohol problem. Shooting those captcha pictures might be his only income left and still allows him a live in dignity without begging for charity!


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                  Markus Schneider

                  First, I'd like to point out that I really appreciate the work of the TS staff here! Thank You!!


                  I was able to find out, how to 'reload' the captcha - otherwise, I couldn't post (-:

                  Take it this way: A new FileMaker user, maybe one who read carefully the security tasks (ie certificate stuff, lately) comes to the forums here.

                  - he or she finds 100s of spam postings (1000s a day), some of them even were not detected (due to a username that makes sense...). This every day, every second hour new spams. btw. It started about easter this year, +/-

                  - he or she won't believe that there is 'only one kid' on the way (it doesn't look like bots, seems to be 'human work')

                  - he or she will no longer believe that captche is usefull and even worse, they won't believe that it's save here


                  It's like going for dinner to a restaurant. If the meal is not good the first time, one will come back again - one more time. If it's not good the second time, one will never come back... that impression will even survive if a new cook is on stage.

                  The other problem is iOS... This Monday, Apple said several times how proud they are to use their iPads - every day. I just can not believe that somebody at FileMaker is using an iPad - daily, here in those forums (or the jive-thingy, also not iOS friendly)

                  This said, I'm 'out of order' for this day, I got *only* the iPad here on the net...

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                    Well, I'm sure that many people use iPADS at FileMaker HQ, just not on the forum. Just keep in mind that FileMaker doesn't write or modify the code for this forum software. They are stuck doing the same thing with RightNow when there is an issue that we are stuck with when we have an issue with FileMaker. (cue irony here...)

                    So they are quite aware of this issue, but it is up to RightNow to fix the problem, not FileMaker Inc. Just as we ca decide not to use FileMaker products if they don't do what we need, FileMaker inc can choose not to use RightNow for it's forum.

                    But consider how much time and $$ might be involved in migrating a large FileMaker solution to another system. The same issues apply to a forum like this as well.

                    For all we know, FileMaker Inc. has already decided to "pull the plug" on Oracle RightNow but just hasn't completed the transition process to new software...