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Issues with doFMScript command...

Question asked by umgdsksprt on Sep 7, 2009


Issues with doFMScript command...

Description of the issue

Hello all, I work for a inbound call sales company who has outsourced the development of a new FileMaker 10 database and they have been adjusting it to work in conjunction to what we need. We are using this new system in conjunction to Toshiba netphone and we want it to screen pop and put in the call information whenever we receive a call. It will work fine for a bit but every five calls or so we get an error that reads:  Server threw an exception  The line that it comes to in saying this is the error is where we have a command that says:  doc.DoFMScript('netphone__' + cmd);   I'm not sure this will help or not but here is the entire script:   function log_data(data){         var fso = WScript.CreateObject('Scripting.FileSystemObject');         var f = fso.CreateTextFile('C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Application Data\\Excelisys\\callinfo.txt', true);         f.Write(data.split(',').join('\t'));         f.Close();         fso = f = null;}  var args = WScript.Application.Arguments.Length > 0 ? WScript.Application.Arguments.Item(0) : '';if (! args)WScript.Quit();  var state = args.charAt(0);log_data(args.substring(2));  var app = WScript.CreateObject('FMPro.Application');app.Visible = true;  var path, doc = null, docs = app.Documents;for (var i=0; i